Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Reading Comprehension: Waiting for Gandalf

Answer these questions. You don't need to give me the answers. I will publish the key next week.

 1. Why did the protagonist become involved in role games?
 2. Who is the most committed player, and the least? Why?
 3. What does the protagonist do for a living?
 4. What are some of the values he considers are the most important in his lifestyle?
 5. In your opinion, what was the triggering factor to make the game go so wrong?
 6. Are the newbies showing they take the game seriously? Why (not)?
 7. Why does Smithy go berkserk?
 8. Do you think they are repentant when they look at the fallen monsters?
 9. In the last line, Smithy is digging, what for?
 10. Did the ending surprise you?

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