Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to learn by using wikipedia

One of the most useful reference websites is, the online encyclopedia. You can search anything and you may be lucky enough to find a suitable answer. Sometimes you don't need a definition of a term, you want something else.
  • For example, if you are organising a trip to Florida with some friends, you can google "florida wiki". Click on the first entry for wikipedia and there you are presented lots of information about Florida. try some easy searchs and you'll become familiar with the browsing engine.
  • You can also try a direct search on the website: this is
  • If you're still missing some of the information, and you can't find the terms on a dictionary, you can switch to Spanish. (You'll find languages by scrolling down with the mouse on your left.)
  • Try searching for cultural concepts in any English speaking country: i.e.: Halloween, Bank Holiday, angling, brunch, etc.


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