Friday, 18 October 2013

News links

A remarkable learning tool online is newspapers online. When reading an English speaking newspaper online you can catch up with the latest news in English. Some of the best newspapers are the following:
It's an English daily broadsheet paper. Left wing if you ask me. It deals with breaking news as well as with a number of noteworthy sections, such as: lifestyle and travel. Nice to scroll up and down to discover more appealing news.
Same as The Guardian with a pinch of right wing. It includes really nice picture galleries in pictures section.
British tabloid. It includes sparkling information about celebrities and showbiz. Good to read in order to learn new words that are more colloquial and fresh.
American TV channel. Good for you because it has an outstanding video section where you can watch short videos. Best sections are The early show, Evening news and Health watch. You can as well read the articles. Loads of current events information in English!
UK TV channel. It owns a video section as well. Current events for you!
There are so many websites on the internet I can only name a few of my favourites. That should be enough to keep you busy.
More than a landmark, it's an institution in the media world.

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