Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tips for reading entries

The new entries in the blog are ordered by date. If you want to revise old entries, have a look at the frames on your left:

  1. Labels: Entries are ordered by lesson, if you click on lesson 1 you can read all posts for that lesson including videos and wiki entries.
  2. Wiki entries: you can read about different topics and terms that have been mentioned in the lesson or are related to it.
  3. Blog archive: scrolling down you can have access to the entries on different dates.
If you find the blog difficult to read or use, please contact me on my email or at school.

Tips for commenting and voting: You can easily add a comment by clicking on "have your say". You can as well vote "funny, interesting or cool" if you want to let us know that you like the entry or simply that it comes handy for learning.

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