Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Black Friday Shopping Spree!!


Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving day and it's a shopping spree day. All shops have discounts on items and most Americans go to the malls on this date. "Black" means that the shops accounts will be positive instead of "red", that is on a negative balance, as they are almost all year round. Because of the credit crunchies, this year they're going to have amazing sales in all shops around the country.
Some of the most popular stores in America are Macy's, Sears or Wallmart. Many shops open 24h to increase the volume of purchases. Black Friday is unofficially the beginning of Xmas shopping in stores and online. If you happen to buy something online these days, the website recommends to buy the items soon for them to be dispatched before Xmas as this is a very busy season for retailers.

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